"You made me a better person," - John Delavera.
"You are the Davinci of our time," - Edmund Loh.
"I will never be able to thank him enough," - Jinger Jarrett.

People expected them to lose. People underestimated their abilities. They thrived and "upset" the general belief in which they made the impossible mission possible. Now, it is time for the...

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Henry Gold
Midtown, New York
Thursday, 8:01 AM

Dear Internet Friend,

I was called a loser.

I had low self-esteem in which I shied away from others. I worked in a 7-convenience store from 11 PM to 7 AM, slept in someone's couch for two years, and my ex-girlfriend left me when I experienced blindness in both sides of my eyes. Many people called me all sort of names:

"You are such a loser, Henry," - One 7-11 customer called me daily.
"Your accent is horrible. You are a handicap, young man," - a top guru told me.
"Look at you. You are fat and ugly, idiot," - One customer told me.
"You are a pig, a dog, and even worse than an animal." - My father told me for decades.
"Who do you think you are? Who is Henry Gold?" -- One traffic expert told me.
"You should be cursed in hell," -- My distant aunt told me.

I became very stressful, pessimistic about life, and became ignorant of the reality that I had to change. Also, I became very unapproachable. -- Things were so horrible in which I tried to kill myself on three different occasions.

In fact, when you look at my face above, you could see depression in my eyes. At that time, I felt that if I didn't change the course of my life I would end up dead. That was the reason WHY I was searching crying for HELP. It led me to a meeting with a stranger which later became my godfather.

"What do you mean?" I asked, feeling insulted.

"Look at you. You are overweight. Your hair is all over the place. You wear a T-shirt and jeans with holes in them. Your shoes are extremely filthy. You don't shave either. That's very embarrassing," my godfather further insulted me.

(I was just quiet).

"Please save my son," my mom told my godfather, with tears in her eyes.

"It will take me three years to change the course of his life," my godfather said confidently.

(I was quiet).

"Are you coachable?" my godfather asked me with a firm voice.

"Yes," I said quietly.

"Everything that happens in your life is your fault," my godfather told me firmly.

I stayed quiet. I didn't want to fight back as I knew I did a lot of wrong things and if I didn't know how to fix it, it would be the end of me. Six months after I implemented the limitless mindset, my business TRIPLED.

Two months after that, I networked with top marketers in the industry.

Later, I'd even bought my dream car.

Thanks to my godfather, I decided to pack my life in this truck and moved to New York (Yes, I was the one who drove the truck for 4 1/2 hours straight!) which is 40% more expensive than living in Boston.

When not on the computer, I picked up a fitness regimen to lose 68 pounds and gained four-pack abs. I have even won the flat abs challenges.

Then, I hang out with many celebrities Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, Richard Krawczyk, Kevin Harrington from Shark Tanks, Forbes Riley, and much more and even become an International best-selling author.

And not long ago, I summoned the courage to find love again. I had met the one, and we got engaged.

As I have mentioned earlier, minor health issues had annoyed me. I said 'annoyed' because I didn't think much about them when they first occurred. From long durations of fever and headaches to pain in the eyes and risk of being blind. -- And, it had gotten so bad I needed to squint my eyes to read on the screen!

My fiancee told me that I should go for my annual checkup; I was a little stubborn but the main reason I kept postponing it? I was afraid to find out if it's worse than I thought.

When I attended my first checkup, the doctor found nothing wrong with me. I was in good health. So, he said.

However, the headache, lethargy and occasionally being blind continue to persist.

Saturday, September 9, 2017.

Little did I know that I had an eye appointment arranged on this day, and it took my fiancee to remind me.

I didn't think much about it as I thought it was just a regular exam. However, as I entered the examination room, the optometrist told me that I could have glaucoma.

I was required to do a further exam which included some clicking as well as scanning the retina.

Ten minutes after the exam, I got the breaking news:

"Well, it seemed like your eyes are perfectly fine," said the Optometrist.


"... However, it is most likely you have a brain tumor."

I was speechless. "Pardon?"

He repeated himself:

So, I've Got A Brain Tumor. I'll Be Damned.

I could see that my fiancee went from smiling to almost in tears. I was holding back mine as hard.

I was in denial. I didn't believe a word I heard.

A few days later, I visited the Neurologist, and he confirmed everything the Optometrist had discovered - and then more.

"I have created an authorization with your insurance to make sure you do the MRI with and without contrast ASAP," said the Neurologist anxiously.

"I just need to know how big it is, and you need to do surgery immediately."

Here's What It Looks Like After The Scan:

Yep. About the size of a golf ball. Buried deep within my skull.

I didn't know what to say.

I didn't know what to do.

But I did know it was part of something I had to face.

I was sad and mad. It's as if the whole world around me was collapsing.

If I don't do anything, I risk being permanently blind. A stroke is possible, and that will be deadly.

And if I go for the surgery, there's no guarantee that I will make out of it alive, and I won't be the same again.

I might recover. I might not.

I might still be blind. I might lose my memory.

I might survive. I might not either.

Sucks Knowing My Days Were Numbered.

... And being cut down before my prime.

Instead of getting all upset, I took the outdoor wedding pictures with my fiancee two days before the surgery.

Plus, I created a will and gave an exact instruction to my fiancee what she needed to do If I died. And, I have also made sure that my fiancee wouldn't bear the burden of my death financially. If I made it alive, I would have the time to enjoy the recovery period by looking at those wedding pictures that we took.

On October 17, 2017, at 7 AM...

"I entered the operating room."

I saw at least 10+ people waiting for me inside the operating room. Then, it was a blackout. Later, I had tubes all over my arms and body.

For the first few weeks, I was struggling to stay alive. My body condition was fragile. There was constant leakage from my nose. I wouldn't be able to lower my head when I slept. Walking 10 minutes would feel like six hours. When people spoke with me, it took me around 10 seconds or more to react.

However, I kept moving forward. Instead of slowing down, I moved to a new place and married the love of my life.

After I receovered and worked closely with many top partners, I reached out to Edmund Loh, an Internet Pioneer in Asia and told him my story. During our conversation, Edmund said to me that he could relate to his experience as the son of divorced parents. Instead of blaming everything to his father, Edmund chose to live a limitless life. (Now, you can see the laugh Edmund has from an office boy to an Internet marketing superstar.)

Based on history, a limitless person is someone who give his all in everything he does. He could be broke. He could be miserable. He could be someone that experienced a major setback. However, despite all odd against him, a limitless person will breakthrough each barrier one-by-one until he attains his dream life. -- In other words, they go against the general belief and make impossible things possible in their life even if their situation was so concerning.

People bullied them.
People poked fun of them.
People used many ways to destroy their self-worth.

A limitless person always comes out on top. It is also the reason why they are called the "limitless" legend. The next question is, "Why do I decide to partner up with Edmund Loh?"

Well, Edmund Loh has been known as one of the Internet's early pioneers in digital Private Label Contents. He has made many appearances in the media including The Star, Malaysian Today, and IncomeDiary. Edmund has sold millions of dollars in products and services where hangs out with many cool people on a regular basis.

Together, Edmund and I work side-by-side to bring 20 limitless legends to reveal their secrets on How you can attract abundance, wealth, and prosperity even if you are in the darkest moment of your life. -- This way, you can truly live a limitless life in every area of your life. Without further ado, here are the limitless legends that are ready to make an impact in your life:

Also, here is what you are going to master by the end of the "limitless" life summit:
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TWO WORDS: Your Transformation.

Why is this critical to us? -- Well, when you receive an instant transformation from the limitless life Summit, we know you will know what we do and love what we have done for you. In many cases, you will want us to coach you to become a limitless warrior as soon as possible. Moreover, we "intend" to overdeliver the value we are going to provide to each member. WHY?

ANSWER: We care. There are so many "gurus" who say that you can attract abundance by selling you a piece of information left and right. However, that information will only confuse YOU as it did to me for many decades. -- It is also the reason WHY Edmund Loh and I want to unlock your invisible chains by having top 20 limitless legends to give you their blueprint for FREE. This way, you will reach your full potentials as soon as possible.

Why are you so generous? -- As a brain tumor survivor, I do whatever it takes to leave my legacy to the next generation. I don't want to wait to live my life. When I was in the ICU, there was a lady laid down on the bed across from me. She was crying all the time. I asked her, "Why?" -- She told me that she regrets on things that she didn't do but wished to do.

For me, you are the second chance. If we can have 20 limitless legends to transform ONE person out of tens of thousands of members, that's enough for me. And, we are here to touch your soul. -- I know that when we touch your soul, you will end up like thousands of limitless family members who want us to coach you for the rest of your life.

This way, at the end of this live summit, you can say one heart, one mission, and forever. And, it starts with your transformation.

As you are ready, click on the "button" below.

Since you can watch it from ANYWHERE in the world where you don't have to travel, there is NO EXCUSE not to block out your time.

Take notes.

Write down your "Ah-Ha" moments.

The steps you need to take, moving forward.

Participate fully, engage with the legends, and much more.

And, start taking massive imperfect actions right away for the rest of your life. -- Once you get where you want to be, inspire others to become a limitless legend. Yes, that's my evil plan for sure. :-)

Ready to become limitless now?

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